Black mini-blinds are often overlooked in favor of more neutral colors like white, cream or wood colors. However, black mini blinds create a dramatic effect in any room. The benefits of black window treatments go beyond a ‘wow’ factor - they are also practical. The benefits of black mini blinds are:

  1. Privacy. Black is the most effective color for blocking out unwanted light. Whether you’re decorating a home theatre room, or want to ensure privacy in a bathroom, black is your color. If you work nights and are have problems catching up on your sleep during the day, black mini blinds will help you create a night-time feel and help fool your body into thinking it is night.
  2. Heat. Black, by nature, absorbs heat. For rooms that always feel cold, black can help absorb the sun’s rays, bringing in additional heat which helps reduce energy bills.
  3. Contrast. Black is a dramatic contrast to white or light colored walls. Light colors are often used to make small rooms see larger. However, the neutrality limits style options. Using black window treatments makes a statement and brings drama to every room. For larger rooms, black can help accentuate paintings or furniture such as a black leather couch.
  4. Affordability. Black aluminum mini blinds are one of the least expensive blinds on the market. Starting at under $20.00 per blind, everyone can afford these window treatments. Real estate agents say installing window treatments is one of the easiest ways to increase a home’s resale value. An investment in mini-blinds is well worth the cost.
  5. Custom Sizes. Aluminum blinds can be made to fit any size window. While people immediately think of houses when they think of blinds or shades, window treatments are also found in RVs and vans. It’s a great way to have privacy while on the road or parked in a campground. Aluminum blinds are the perfect way to enhance the look of a room or vehicle without breaking the bank.

Most black mini blinds comes with 1 x 1 all metal headrail and durable aluminum slats. Some window treatments that are made with ultra-thin slats can crack or break easily so be sure to purchase blinds that will last. They also come with a 2-slat double valance. The wand tilt allows for easy adjustments.

Be sure your window treatments come with a limited lifetime warranty, as a way to guarantee their quality. Three-day production may be available for colors that are in stock. Black is back. Black is a great way to add style and elegance to any room.
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