Window blinds and shades come in various styles and choices. Different factors can be used to select the correct window coverings for your windows.

Function may be one of the most important roles when you select blinds. Do you need privacy and/or light control? Each window blind offers different levels light blockage and privacy. For instance in a theater room you would want to choose blackout shades to reduce glare. You may consider top down down up blinds to allow light to enter the room while providing privacy during the daytime.

Price is one of the biggest factors when choosing blinds. There can be a wide range from the cheaper mini blinds to a real wood blind or bamboo shades. Determine your budget and how much you would like to spend on window coverings.

If you have small children or pets you may want to select blinds with safety in mind. Consider cordless shades in windows where children can reach.

Consider energy when selecting blinds. Some window blinds are more energy efficient that others. For instance a cell shade offers more insulation and energy saving benefits than an aluminum mini blind. Most heat loss or gain in a home passes through open windows. Covering them will help reduce energy consumption. If you don't want to block the view you may consider solar screen shades. They reduce glare and uv rays without completely blocking the view through the windows.
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