Have you ever looked at your window treatments and thought – ehhh, they’re okay, but there is nothing exciting about them? It’s not just a matter of buying new window treatments or blinds or shades, to make your room pop, or to get your heart to quicken a little when you walk into a room, consider turning your window treatments into art. That’s right, art.

Window treatments are much more than objects that meet an end goal of energy conservation, sun glare reduction or more. Window treatments should be considered as part of the overall design of a room, especially with rooms where bay windows or floor to ceiling windows are already the focal point of the room. Here are a couple of great ways to have some fun with window treatments. It will not only increase the value of your home, but window treatments can speak to your individual style. And if you aren’t selling, don’t you deserve to come home to a room, apartment, house or villa that makes you happy? I think you deserve it!

Top Five Ways to Turn Window Treatments Into Art:
  1. Layer energy efficient, cellular shades with custom drapery. Use decorative curtain holders to sweep the drapes back from the window while maximizing energy efficiency and sun glare reduction.
  2. Use a contrasting color to the rest of the interior design. Consider adding a bright bold color through fashionable window treatments like roman shades. Be sure to use a matching valance for a complete, finished look to the window treatment.
  3. For an exotic look, pair bamboo or woven wood curtains with decorative window tapes. The window tapes frame the window, protect the window treatments and can utilize either bright bold colors or patterns, creating a frame for the window, or they can use neutral colors for a more subtle effect.
  4. Install shutters. This adds a quaint feel to any room. Pair it with a nautical color scheme and let the window treatments stand as the focal point of the room.
  5. Paint the window trim as if it were a frame for a piece of art. Use complimentary or contrasting colors of paint.
    Window treatments need to be more than functional. They help create the feel of a room and are often where the gaze is trained for long periods of time. Human eyes naturally gravitate towards light; therefore windows are most commonly the first item observed in a room. With the above tips, it’s easy to turn window treatments into pieces of art.

    Go on-line. You’d be amazed at the variety of colors, patterns and materials available. Find window treatments that fit your style, or choose a window treatment in your favorite color. You’re the one who gets to live with these window treatments, let them be luxurious, let them bring in tones of the ocean, tones of nature or tones of opulence. The choice is yours.
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