Choosing window coverings can sometimes be frustrating. Should I go with wood blinds or cellular shades? Something fancy or plain? At times you may just want to buy any window treatments just to be done with it. Here are some ideas to basic questions that might help you choose the right window blinds or shades.

Q: I have a window that is right across from my neighbors window. I want to let the light in but would still like privacy. What do I do?

  • Try light filtering window shades such as the Translucent Double Cell Shades. Light filtering shades allow light to pass through will be still provide privacy.

Q: Which window coverings are the best for a small child's room?

Q: I have a window that I would like to not block the view with window coverings but the heat beats in during the day. What can I do?

There are a few window covering choices that are excellent for blocking uv rays but still allowing the view.

  • Shear Weave Shades or solar screen shades. Solar screen shades are like a screen, they block uv rays but still allow you to see through them.
  • Top Down Bottom Up Shades. These window shades allow you to lower the shades to see out the top but at the same time they block light and uv rays at the bottom of the window.

Q: Which window coverings are the best at conserving energy?

Every window treatment conserves energy differently. To find out which are the best view our


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