Solar window shades were created so people could still enjoy the view out of their living room, bedroom or workspace, while controlling glare and the amount of heat that enters a space. New to the market are Designer Solar Window Shades. Designer window shades add a little spice to any room.

Designer solar window shades come in a variety of screen fabrics with unique weaves, patterns and colors. The fabrics most commonly used in these window treatments contain a 5% openness factor that filters out natural light while preserving an outside view. Summer sees a surge in sales for solar window shades and the new designer looks offer added variety and character to any room.

Solar window shades and designer solar window shades come in all sizes and weaves and quality of manufacturing. Companies that are leaning towards the environmental movement offer solar window shades that are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified for low emissions (LEED). The LEED certification is an environmental rating that basis it's numbers on air quality, environmental materials and energy savings. Blinds Chalet's designer solar window shades are also GREENGUARD for Children and Schools Certified.

Turnaround time may vary depending on the company shipping the blinds, however some companies that have the color and size you request in stock, will make them available with a two-day production time.

It's important when buying to shop around as some companies offer discounts with your window blinds purchase to help increase savings. Savings of up to 30% can be found. Designer shades are hitting the market in time for spring & summer weather, when the sun's harmful rays can fade furniture, artwork, pictures and more.

Window treatments can reduce the amount of heat that enters a room or workspace, keeping rooms cooler without using air conditioning. Shades contribute to energy savings while the color palate can brighten or darken down a room.

"While glass tends to heat up the sun's rays as they enter your home, these transparent shades continually block and reflect this thermal energy before it has a chance to come into the room. But the real beauty is that just like sunglasses or car tints, you are still able to look out and enjoy the view from your house. This makes these shades ideal for any weather climate in any geographical landscape, city, or countryside" reports

Solar window shades are affordable and the payoffs can be found far into the future. They contribute to healthier eyes by reducing glare, contribute to household comfort by reducing heat intake for any room and contribute to design elements already in place. These shades are a must for anyone living in a warm-weather climate. However, even those that live in cooler climates such as Colorado can benefit from the protection they offer against the sun's glare.
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