Woven Wood Roller Shades are most often employed during the summer months or for homes in warmer climates. They allow light to filter in while minimizing glare and reducing the amount of heat that enters a home. Their style is always unique as the patterns in the wood vary with each window treatment made.

Woven Wood roller shades bring to mind the gentle breezes and warm sun of the south pacific islands. Through the weaving in the window treatments, air can still circulate while privacy is had. Elegant and casual they add a classic look to any window.

These window treatments are made with reeds, grasses, wood, bamboo or synthetic materials. Reeds and grasses create unique window treatments with no two being alike. The same goes for bamboo. While synthetic materials may be more uniform in appearance from shade to shade, they tend to be more durable than other materials. Wood is a durable material and will offer a soft, warm feel to any room.

Many people believe woven wood treatments are available in a limited color selection. However, grasses, reeds and bamboo and wood are available in honeys, oaks, pecans. Some panels or roller shades may have a reddish glow, while others pair green grasses with honey colored bamboo rods. There are numerous textures to choose from.

Edge bindings are a great way to dress up window treatments. Edge bindings are a cloth tape that is bound around the ends of the blinds. There purpose is not merely decorative. They also serve to protect the ends of the blinds from cracking or damage.

An occasional light vacuuming with a soft bristle attachment or gentle feather dusting is all that is required to keep Woven Wood Roller Shades looking fresh and neat and will help prevent dust and allergens that may build up. Woven wood roller shades will not warp. Some are available with an Omni rise looping cord for ease of use.

Woven wood blinds are the perfect choice for redecorating bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more. The selection of colors will compliment any home design. Each set of blinds may differ slightly depending on the textures of the wood they were made from.

Some woven wood roller shades are constructed with sustainable materials while others employ synthetic materials for durability and longevity. No matter what style of woven wood blinds you prefer, they become a point of interest for any room.
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