Looking to sell a vacant home? Adding window shades really adds the necessary warmth to make the house seem like home. Potential buyers subconsciously notice the difference when a house has appropriate window shades installed. Bare, stark windows with no coverings leave buyers distracted from the potential of the home. Window shades can actually make the difference between a potential buyer and a buyer.

Sellers find that the purchase and installation of quality, conservative window shades makes a big difference in the sale of a home in any housing market. But in the midst of a rough economy and an even tougher housing market...window shades are vital. Any experienced agent will urge home owners to take advantage of the edge that the proper presentation will provide in selling a home. Window shades in particular change the state of the game from empty house for sale to potential home available for buyer consideration.

Window shades are an advantage available to home sellers. But purchasing the right window shades is important. Stick to conservative designs and colors. Never attempt to make a home "stand out" from the crowd with outlandish, garish, or even colorful window shades. Classic and conservative is the name of the game when it comes to selling a home. Never aim to please an individual; you'll miss your mark. Aim to please the masses and you'll hit a few.

Some classic, conservative options that home sellers can take advantage of are: wood or faux blinds horizontal blinds, vertical blinds (in appropriate spaces) and/or roman shades. Take care to choose conservative colors. Some appropriately conservative color choices would be: off white or cream, white and medium to light wood stain.

Consider the coloring already present in the wall paint and/or wallpaper as well as the flooring. Matching other woodwork in the room can be appropriate. But it isn't always necessary or advantageous. It can sometimes be overpowering so be careful; especially if the woodwork in the room is of a very dark stain. If you're not careful you'll overpower the space and make it seem much smaller than it actually is.

Remember that potential home buyers aren't that imaginative. They don't have to be; not when there are endless homes available on the market. Most buyers can't envision exactly how a house will work for them. It's the seller's job to make sure the possibilities are laid out clearly so they're impossible to miss. One way to do that is to present the house as a home; ready to be lived in. And the first and most important step to make sure this is accomplished is purchasing and installing window shades.
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