Plantation blinds are what is commonly referred to as a classic. They are timeless in their design possibilities. There are various options when it comes to plantation blinds and shutters.

There are faux wood, composite (wood and PVC mix) and real wood options. Faux plantation blinds and shutters are made of 100% vinyl. They are light weight and they are durable. They are also a good option for consumers with budget high on the priority list when it comes to their potential plantation blinds purchase. Since faux products deal extremely well with moisture the faux plantation blinds and shutters are a good choice for moist or humid environments.

Composite (wood and PVC mix) plantation blinds and shutters also deal well with moisture so they can be an appropriate choice for damp or humid locations. This particular composition is heavy duty; one of the most durable available.

Real woods are the last category of plantation blinds and shutters. They are, obviously, made of 100% wood. The product is light weight. Real wood products offer the benefit of natural aesthetics that take a stain very easily. The natural grain of the wood can be reflected in the product.

Plantation blinds or shutters are known for their ability to compliment (or even "make") any room decor. They are timeless, classic, beautiful, and high quality. Their durability typically results in a lifetime of hassle free use. Their timeless look typically results in lifetime satisfaction. There is no need to "update" the plantation blinds or shutters. That's the meaning of the word timeless.

With a wide range of color choices and experienced manufacturers custom designing plantation blinds and shutters to suit the needs of each individual...there is no need to wonder if the product will suit the needs of a specific room or space. It does; it always does. It suits the needs of every room because it is the basic around which other blinds and shades are produced.
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