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Shopping for door blinds? Just about any window treatment can be used on a door. If you have french doors or just a door with a window and want privacy, you can mount blinds or shades as an outside mount. Choose from wood blinds, vertical blinds, and horizontal blinds like cellular shades nad solar screen shades.

Measuring Door Blinds

When measuring the door for blinds, keep in mind where you would like the blinds to cover. For proper coverage, door blinds should extend past the window on the door at least 1 to 2 inches on each side of the window. Care must be taken when measuring so the door blinds will not get in the way of any obstructions such as the door handle.

Mounting Door Blinds

Each door blind should be mounted with hold down brackets to keep the bottom rail of the door blinds from swinging as the door opens and closes. Hold downs are small clamps that attach to the bottom rail of the window blinds to hold it in place. Also, all tilt and lift cords should also be to the hinge side of the door so they are out of the way as the door closes.

Remember, just about any window blind will work on a door. Some of the most popular choices are wood blinds or faux wood blinds. Just ensure that whatever blind or shade you choose they come with hold downs to keep them on the door as it open or shuts.


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