When consumers think of the "hot products" in any industry the typical responses are not classic and not conservative. But in the window covering industry some of the "hottest" products are very classic and very conservative. It's the nature of the industry. Window coverings are meant to fulfill a very basic need. They're also meant to last a long time. There isn't much room for trends of the moment or even trends that may last a year or two. This leaves many consumers looking to invest in the classic and "hot" horizontal wood blinds. They are classic and elegant. They're the most affordable and appropriate permanent furnishing for almost any room.

Additional options are available when considering horizontal wood blinds. Not everyone is aware of the options as they are added frequently and updated regularly. Aesthetic options that many find beneficial to their room design include the cornice style valance. It adds a finishing touch to the look of the horizontal wood blinds that drastically changes the appeal of the product post-installation by eliminating visible valance clips.

Another popular choice aesthetically is the 5 inch valance. Standard valances typically measure 3 inches. The 2 additional inches available with the 5 inch valance option drastically dresses up the horizontal wood blinds. It's comparable to the difference between standard baseboards and the wider, more elaborate molding that many purchase as an upgrade.

Decorative tapes also elevate the aesthetic look of the horizontal wood blinds. But they have the added benefit of elevating the function as well. They visually enhance the product by hiding visible cording running through the blinds vertically. The functionality benefit comes from their ability to block light as it attempts to leak through the routing holes on blind slats.

Routless ladder blinds mean that route holes are eliminated. They typically run through the center of the blind slats. Routless ladders also increase the light blockage of the product since there are no holes for light to leak through. The lift cords on products with routless ladders run on the outside of the slats. There are small notches made on the edge of the slats to keep them in place.

The advantages and disadvantages of each option make clear which one suits each consumers needs. But the choices will only be clear if consumers are aware of their choices. Knowledge of the options make the choice easier and better every time.
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