There's not a room that won't benefit from the lavishness of custom Roman Shades. No matter your designer tastes, whether you like a room that looks like a room or a room that looks like a museum, custom Roman Shades will add style. Some of the hottest fabrics on the market are linen, satin and suede. Higher end companies will customize a fit to your specific windows to give a finished, elegant appearance.

One of the benefits of custom Roman Shades appears when you go to sell your home. If you want more money, custom Roman Shades can help you get it. Interior decorators agree that window treatments are the easiest and least expensive renovation in a home that will increase property value. If you're upgrading for your own pleasure, you won't be disappointed with custom Roman Shades. Not only do they allow you to control the amount of light coming in, they are a well-tailored shade that will complete your room.

One of the first fabrics we're going to look at is linen. Linen is classy, whether it's a linen suit or a linen blind. The texture bumps up the appeal and brings a freshness to design. Lighter and neutral colors work the best with linen blinds. These custom Roman Shades help finish off an area without overpowering it. A slight marbling in some of the options spices up a room and adds intrigue for the eye.

Satin is next on our list. Satin Roman Shades aren't the super shiny options that negligees come in. When dealing with custom Roman Shades, designers thought it best to go with a rough stain look and a deep, rich array of colors. From sunset reds to sea foam blue, satin works well in larger rooms, such as great rooms or living rooms and bedrooms. Feel like a queen or a king with these custom Roman Shades.

Suede isn't often associated with window treatments, which is exactly why it is so unique. Suede pulls in the eye and says "what's that? Let me touch you." Places you might see a suede custom Roman Shade are in western themed cabins and houses, or in modern art-deco rooms. They are fun shades come in bold colors that dare you to ignore them.

The way custom Roman Shades are designed are to simply lie flat when down, appearing as a swatch of color or texture, or they can be "folded" when they are down which is known as the "tear drop" style. The folds bring a soft, rounded feeling that can offset stark lines in design, or compliment rounded sensual decor.

When you start shopping for custom Roman Shades look for dealers who will give you a free Omni rise continuous cord on oversized windows. The cords are so easy to use, any one can operate these window blinds and an easy set equalizer will have the cords lined up.

Custom Roman Shades aren't just for the world of the rich and famous, they are for anyone who wants to feel rich and famous. You may find yourself wanting to wrap yourself up in these shades, as the textures and fabrics demand to be touch and want to be noticed.
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