Bamboo is a traditionally central aspect of Asian design and art. But it is also an increasingly popular product used in the manufacturing of window coverings. Bamboo shades are often recognized by designers and window covering professionals as offering a uniquely natural element to the design flavor of any room while providing durable functionality that keeps up with the competition. Bamboo shades are often seen as having a wide variety of advantages in comparison to other, similar products on the market.

1. Versatility: For instance, layering bamboo blinds behind thick, silk drapery. This takes the product to a higher class and lends an elegant look to the room.

2. Variety: Various sizes, colors, stains and styles (roll up or roman fold) provide a wide array of "looks" that will fulfill any design need while offering the durable function of bamboo.

3. Bamboo is one of the most natural and eco-friendly materials currently used for window coverings. The basic concept is that rather than reaching for a wood product you are reaching for a much more renewable product. Bamboo shoots mature after 5 years rather than the long term aspect of replacing hardwood that has been removed for consumer needs.

4. Bamboo blinds are available at very economical prices in comparison to other window covering products with similar features. Again, bamboo shades offer a very wide variety of advantages. Many expect the price tag to be extravagant considering the benefits, but they are pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the product.

5. Durability: Bamboo blinds can naturally withstand weather conditions. These weather conditions include extended periods of time enduring harsh sunlight. This natural characteristic of bamboo makes it the perfect choice in the manufacturing of quality window coverings.

Bamboo shades will continue to increase in popularity as more consumers recognize the many benefits of the product. There are many products that add the perfect finishing touch to the design of a room. There are many products that offer energy saving benefits. There are many products that offer the eco-friendly consumer a guilt free purchase. But bamboo shades are rare in that they are able to offer all of the above in one neat, concise, little, affordable package.
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