Venetian blinds can be expensive to replace. Painting them can be a cheaper alternative to spice up those old window blinds. Whether you have aluminum mini blinds or wood blinds they can be painted.

Determine what color you want to paint your mini blinds. Each slat could be painted the same color or they could be alternating colors for a striped result. Mini blinds can even be sponge painted.

Before the venetian blinds can be painted they must be cleaned for the paint to properly adhere to the blinds. Wipe each slat with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. Do not short cut this step.

If you are painting wood blinds use sandpaper to roughen the surface of the blinds. The primer will not adhere to the smooth surface of the existing paint or varnish on stained wood blinds.

Take apart the blinds. Remove the plugs in the bottom rail and untied the cords. Slide each slat out of the cords. This step is optional but for the best results we recommend it.

Coat each slat with primer. Let the blind slats dry and repeat on the opposite side. For thicker blinds such as wood blinds, make sure you cover the ends and sides.

Paint the slats with the selected color in the same way you primered them in step 5. If you are sponge painting your blinds this will be the base color you selected.

If you are sponge painting the blinds, choose up to 3 colors that are close in hue. Pour the paint color onto separate paper plates. Using rubber gloves slightly dampen a sponge with each color. Remove excess paint by dabbing a newspaper. Lightly blot the window blinds with the paint filled sponge. Create a random pattern, pressing lightly.

If you disassembled the venetian blinds, after they dry put them back together. Replace each slat by threading the cords. Replace the bottom rail and knot the threads. Replace the plugs in the bottom rail.

Hang the blinds and enjoy!
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