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One of the disadvantages of aluminum mini blinds is the slats easily bend. Whether you have children, pets, or just accidentally bend them through operation of cleaning them we have all seen bent aluminum blinds. Because aluminum retains its shape after it has been bent, it is impossible to make restore its original shape perfectly. Here are a few simple steps to repair the bent slats to its original shape.

Flat Slat Mini Blinds
The flat slat mini blinds are easier to repair so we will start there.

Remove your blinds from the window. You can repair the slat with the blinds in the window frame but it is much easier with them removed.

Put on light weight gloves for protection. The edges of the aluminum mini blinds can be sharp and you wouldn't want to cut your hands.

Place the damaged slat on a flat surface. If you are trying to do this without removing the window blinds from the window frame you will need to use a flat 1" piece of wood about the length of the slat.

Using your hand, smooth the damaged slat working the crease out of the blind slat applying heavy pressure. On tip is to use a hard smooth ball and roll it over the damaged slat. You can also flip the blind slat over and work the opposite side. Continue to work the damaged mini blind slat until it has reached you desired appearance.

Curved Slat Mini Blinds
Curved slat mini blinds are a little more difficult than flat slat blinds. You will need a 3/4 inch dowel for this repair about the length of the blind slat.

Once again, remove the mini blinds from the window frame for easier repair. Although this can be done in the window frame it is easier to apply heavy pressure if the dowel is on a flat surface rather than holding it up to the blinds.

Put on light weight gloves to protect your hands from getting cut on the aluminum blind edges.

Place the dowel on a flat surface and then place the underside of damaged curved slat on the dowel.

With your hands, apply heavy pressure, working out the crease or bend in the mini blind slat. Continue until the mini blind slat is fixed or you reached the desired appearance.

Note: on curved mini blinds, resist using a small dowel than 3/4 inch or one shorter than the blind slat. The size of the dowel will help keep the mini blind shape in the slat as you work out the damage.

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