If one of your vanes on your vertical blinds is twisted and not in line with the rest here is a simple way to adjust them. Each vertical blind is different. Some vertical blinds will self align just by twisting them closed in one direction and then reversing and closing them in the other. If this does not fix your problem you can try to manually adjust the vertical blind vanes. Reach up to the headrail of the blinds and twist the stem that holds the vane so that it is even with the other vertical blind vanes. DO NOT force it, some vertical blinds adjust differently and cannot be twisted in this manner.

Keep Vertical Blinds Vanes Aligned

This is a common issue or complaint about vertical blinds. The most important thing to keep your vertical blinds so the vanes stay aligned is to twist them before opening them. When ever opening the shades, do not force them. Watch for overlapping slats as they are drawn open. If your window or sliding glass door is open, do not leave the blinds closed so the wind or people break the vanes or the stems that hold the vanes. This can be a costly repair on vertical blinds.


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