Horizontal blinds come with lift cords that raise and lower the blinds. Whether it is aluminum blinds, wood blinds, or faux wood blinds, the basic lift cord mechanisms are the same. Over time lift cords can wear. Here are some easy steps to replacing the broken or damaged cords on horizontal blinds.

Tools Needed:

Replacement cord
Adhesive tape

Replacing the Lift Cord

First you must untie or unfasten the existing left cord at the bottom rail of the blinds. Most blinds have the lift cords tied at the bottom of the blinds. You may have to remove a plug to get to the knot.

Tape the new lift cord to the untied end of the existing lift cord. Make sure that they are secured tightly.

Pull the existing lift cord as if you are raising the blinds. This will pull out the old lift cord and string the new cord in the window blinds. Continue to pull the cords until the old cord is through the horizontal blinds and the new cord is at the same length as the old cord.

Cut the new cord and tie a knot or fasten the cord the same way the old cord was at the bottom of the window blinds. Replace the plug into the bottom rail of the window blinds if they had one.

Attach the pull knob onto the new lift cord. Thread the lift cord through the knob and tie a knot. Cut off any excess cord.

Sometimes rather than through out or replace those worn window blinds, simple steps can be made to fix blinds. If the wood slats and the blind mechanisms are in good shape simple do-it-yourself repairs can be made to make your horizontal blinds last.


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