Allergy season is in full swing. In the mountains, Cottonwood trees and flowers are blooming and in the country, tall grasses and flowers are swaying in the wind, releasing allergy triggers. For those with bad allergies, the spring and summer can become a time of suffering. However, knowing how to furnish a home can help relieve allergy symptoms indoors.

Furniture such as wood and leather are less likely to collect dust than furniture covered in material. Material attracts dust and holds it in the fabric patterns, become a breeding ground for allergy related problems. The same concept follows over to window treatments. Using wood blinds, faux wood blinds, or wood or aluminum mini-blinds can help reduce the amount of dust build-up. Some faux wood materials have anti-static properties that repel dust.

Most wood and faux wood blinds and mini-blinds are easy to clean and should be cleaned at least once a week. Wood blinds can remain hanging for cleaning and a quick wipe with a damp cloth will get rid of allergy triggers. The same goes for aluminum mini-blinds. Some blinds require removing them from the wall to clean, however, wood and faux wood do not.

Windows are also one of the biggest entrances for pollen. They blow in during the day, then settle into furniture, rugs and onto knick knacks. Closing windows during the day and only keeping them open at night can help reduce the amount of dust and pollen that enters the home as well as reducing the need for air conditioning. Trapping cool air in during the night will help keep the home cool during the day.

Cleaning the entire house will also help get rid of allergy triggers. Places like material bed frames or the tops of picture frames and hanging light shades are places where dust likes to gather. Being sure to clean those at least once a week.

Sheets, bedding and clothes should all be cleaned in hot water at temperatures above 130 degrees. This will help kill any dust mites that may be causing problems. Leaving clothes in a pile may also accumulate dust and microscopic bugs.

Mold is another culprit for triggering allergies so it’s important to furnish rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens with blinds that are moisture resistant, such as aluminum blinds and faux wood blinds. Be sure to clean the cracks and in the tiles of bathrooms.

Allergies can be crippling to people. Furnishing a home with couches, chairs and tables made of wood, plastic and metal create an atmosphere that is easy to clean. While it’s hard to alleviate allergies completely, creating a dust-free environment at home will help.
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