Vinyl Mini Blinds are one of the most trusted products in the industry. They seem to have been around since the dark ages. Regardless of time spent on the market...this particular product is a definite staple in the industry. The main reason it is such a basic amongst the many available products is affordability.

Affordability in the current industry makes any quality product the hottest on the market. In addition to recognizing the benefit of affordable products during times of recession, consumers also recognize the benefit of properly cleaning and caring for the window covering products already in place in their home. When it comes to vinyl mini blinds maintaining with proper cleaning is simple.

1. Go over them with a feather duster for general cleaning. This works if the blinds have been cleaned regularly and there's just dust resting on the blinds. Gently run the feather duster along the blinds gently. It will get rid of any loose dust that's on the vinyl mini blinds.

2. For further cleaning get a household rag wet. Don't get it so wet that it's dripping, but it needs to be thoroughly damp. Wipe each blind individually. Develop a set routine so that you ensure you cover all of the vinyl mini blinds from top to bottom and side to side. Move from slat to slat individually wiping them with the damp rag.

3. If the vinyl mini blinds have not been maintained/cleaned regularly and they are extremely dirty owners can take the blinds down. The best way to get the vinyl mini blinds thoroughly clean once they are past the point of just a little dusty or a little "dirty" is to take them outside and lay them out in an outdoor area that can get wet. The vinyl mini blinds can be safely sprayed down with water from a household hose.

4. If an appropriate outdoor area is not accessible owners can take the vinyl mini blinds down and put them in a bathtub with warm water and a general all purpose cleaner. Once the blinds are in the water move them around in the warm water/cleanser for a few minutes. Dirt and debris should come off easily.

5. One other option when it comes to extremely dirty vinyl mini blinds is the carwash. The car wash was designed to get wet and high power water spraying equipment is available for the public's use at an affordable price. Make sure to take into account that blinds will have to be transported home wet after cleaning.

Consistent dusting and light cleaning will avoid the need for deep cleaning in almost all cases. But the prospect of taking the vinyl mini blinds down for a thorough cleaning is less daunting than it may at first appear. Consumers who find themselves in the position of removing their mini blinds for cleaning find that the process is fairly self explanatory and hassle free.
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