Have a damaged horizontal blind slat? Occasionally wood or faux wood blind slats can break or aluminum mini blinds can bend. Most manufacturers will provide an additional slat at the bottom of the blinds that can be used to repair these horizontal blinds. Follow these easy step on how to fix those damaged blinds.
  1. Remove the buttons located on the rail at the bottom of the blinds. Gently use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the plugs.
  2. Once the plugs are removed, pull the cords out and untie any knots.
  3. One by one you will have to remove each blind slat, working your way up the blind until you have removed the bad or damaged slat.
  4. Replace the damaged slat with the spare and one by one insert the slats back into the tilt ladders, threading the lift cord back through the routed holes.
  5. Insert the bottom rail and run the cords back through the holes.
  6. Re-tie the cords and insert them back into the bottom rail of the window blinds.
  7. Re-insert the buttons back into the blinds bottom rail and your done!

Most mini blinds do not come with more than one additional slat. For window blinds with multiple slats that are damaged, you may consider buying new window blinds.
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