Matchstick shades are also known as bamboo shades or woven wood shades. They offer an elegant South Pacific or tropical feel to a room, apartment or guesthouse. Generally, each woven wood shade will be slightly different in appearance as the unique characteristics from each piece of wood will be slightly different.

Matchstick shades are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The Tavarua line is a popular brand for their variety in colors and textures that allow easy matching of window treatments to other wood décor.

The Tavarua line of window treatments includes the Tavarua Basics Bamboo Shades, Tavarua Woven Wood Shades, Exotic Woven Wood Shades, Designer Woven Wood Shades, Sunscreen Bamboo Roller shades, Bamboo Drapery and Bamboo Sliding Panels. The variety allows decorators to create a different feel for each room within a home while continuing the same theme throughout.

Most matchstick blinds come with a privacy liner or blackout liner as an upgrade. Because of the weave of the wood, light filters through to create a soft glow and views are easily maintained with some products. While the blinds cut the sun’s glare and help insulate against the heat, they do not provide complete privacy without a liner. The liner also adds an extra bit of insulation against colder weather.

Matchstick blinds are extremely popular in southern or warmer climates. The openness of the weave allows soft breezes to keep a home cool. They also come with edge bindings to protect the ends of the wood from splitting or cracking.

A few options of colors schemes and design include Borneo Dappled, Bora Bora Natural, Baja Sand, Aspen Walnut, Sumatra Espresso. Tavarua matchstick blinds come with color-coordinated cords and tassels as well as a matching 6-inch valance. Made with a roman fold style lift when raised each bamboo shade creates a waterfall look. When lowered they provide a smooth, flat bamboo face.

These window treatments also come with a top down bottom up option so privacy can be maintained while letting light more fully enter the room.

For more information on the Tavarua line of woven wood blinds or matchstick blinds, head on-line to find a trusted dealer. There are often specials on these window treatments that include free privacy liners or edge bindings with the purchase of four or more window treatments.
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