What can be done if you have ordered the wrong size window blinds? We have discussed how to cut down window blinds or remove extra slats from window blinds that are made too large.

What if the window blinds are too narrow or too short? In this article we will discuss each of these problems for inside mount horizontal blinds including mini blinds, wood and faux wood blinds. Keep in mind that each of these remedies will most likely only work if the window blinds are too small by more than about an inch.

Window Blinds That Are Not Wide Enough

When mounting horizontal blinds, a mounting bracket is attached at each side of the headrail. The mounting instructions will tell you to mount the brackets at the top of the window frame tight against each side.

With window blinds that are too short, this will not work because the headrail will fall out of brackets. Because the brackets are designed so that they can be attached at the top of the window frame as well as the sides, simply bring the brackets in from the edges to mount them. The easiest way to do this may be to place the brackets on the headrail and center the headrail in the window frame. Mark where the brackets are when the headrail is centered. Remove the blinds and then mount the brackets where you marked their location. This will keep the blinds from falling out.

Since the blinds will be slightly narrower than a full size window blind should be this will leave a slightly larger gap along the sides of the blinds between the window frame. If this gap is too large, you may consider adding draperies to cover the sides of the window. You may also want to consider ordering a replacement valance slightly larger to cover the gaps at the sides of the brackets and the window frame.

Mounting Window Blinds That Are Too Short

When window blinds are not tall enough the brackets and headrail can be lowered slightly so they are not right at the top of the window frame. This of course will leave a gap between the top of the window frame and the blinds. A few options to cover this gap is by adding a larger custom valance, a cornice, or drapery above the blinds. If you are handy you could even mount wooden valance boards at the top and paint or stain them to match the horizontal blinds.
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