Door blinds need hold down brackets to keep the blinds from bouncing around as the door is opened and closed. Hold down brackets are used at the bottom of outside mount blinds or shades to tie down the bottom of the blind.

How to Install Hold Downs

The first step is to make sure you have a pin in the bottom rail of the door blinds. This pin is inserted in a hold on each side of the bottom rail of the blinds. If the pin is not already inserted in the blinds, using a mallet or hammer insert the pin.

Once the blinds have been mounted to the door, the hold down brackets may be installed. Lower the blinds to the desired length, typically fully closed. The hold down bracket is mounted with two screws in the shorter side of the bracket. The hold down pin that is in the bottom rail of the blinds sits in the hole on the longer side of the bracket. Position the bracket so the shorter side is turned inward towards the blinds on each side and so the pins are just past the edge of the brackets. This will allow for the pins to be slid in and out of the brackets if the blinds are to be raised and lowered.

Mark the location of where the brackets will be mounted. Use a pencil and mark the two holes. Raise the blinds so they are out of the way. Mount the hold down brackets on each side with screws. Lower the blinds and slide the hold down pins into the brackets.

Mounting door blinds is a very easy process. Make sure you also mount hold down brackets so the blinds stay in place and last a lifetime.


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