Doors can sometimes be tricky to buy window treatments for because of their unusual size and shape. Not only that, door blinds shouldn’t interfere with your ability to easily open and close the door. Some window treatments ‘fly away,’ meaning they swing out the door when it opens and get caught in it when it closes, often damaging blinds or window treatments.

Tips for Buying Door Blinds:
  1. Choose a company that custom makes blinds to exact specifications. This is critical. One-size-fits-all blinds will most likely need to be trimmed or adjusted, making the blinds look cheap or awkward. Be sure to consult the company, as some measurements need to account for an extra space over the doorway for the valance to sit.
  2. Decide what functionality you need in the window treatment. Are you looking for insulating blinds, UV blocking blinds, room darkening blinds or light filtering blinds? Does the room generally run cool, or does it heat up in the afternoon? Find a company that will help you choose the appropriate window treatments for your room.
  3. Consider the current design of the room and look for a product that will best match it. As for doorway window treatments, there are several options to choose from.
    1. EcoGreen Solar Screen Window Shades and EcoGreen Roller Shades. These are the best fit for the environmentalist or for those interested in conserving the earth’s resources. These window treatments work well in warmer climates or for rooms with a lot of south-facing windows. They cut glare, cut UV rays and help insulate the home. EcoGreen Shades are PVC free and have no volatile organic compounds. They are 100% Recyclable and are LEED Certification-friendly.
    2. Roller Shades and Solar Shades. These window treatments help keep a room cool. In an office environment, they provide a professional look. In a home, they help finish a room. As well, most can be installed inside or outside, however, pricing may vary when exterior components are added in.
    3. Light Filtering Insulating Blinds. These cell shades are perfect for those who live in winter climates that involve a lot of below freezing days. Installed over a door, they help block drafts from entering a home, while filtering light, so the room remains bright.
    4. Room Darkening Insulating blinds. These cell shades offer the same insulating properties as the Light Filtering Insulating Blinds, however, they help block light, making these a great match for bedrooms and home theater rooms, dens, offices and more.
    5. Wood blinds. Wood blinds can help pick up wood accents in a room, creating a finished look that flows throughout the room. Wood blinds help insulate as well as offering light control.
    6. Vertical blinds. These window treatments are the most standard for rooms with large sliding glass doors. They are generally available in faux wood and vinyl.
  4. If you are ordering on-line, be sure there a customer service department in case you need help with installation or ordering information.
  5. Shop around. Blinds may be discounted at one on-line store but not another. If you find a blind you like, do some comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best deal. When looking at prices, be sure to factor in additional costs such as shipping, or whether or not you’ll get free shipping. How long will they take to manufacture? Is there any type of guarantee if you aren’t satisfied?

No matter what type of door blinds you end up choosing, be sure they work well with your interior design. Also, be sure they are practical for your climate and the type of home you have. If you have any questions at all, or if you want samples, contact a customer service representative to help you.
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