The color scheme for your window coverings may vary based on whether you are designing a new room or one with existing furniture.

Existing Color Schemes

A room with existing furniture and accessories will determine what color of window treatments would work best. Rather than creating a new color scheme for the room it may just be organizing the existing color scheme with window blinds that match.

The main color in the room should be approximately 60 percent and the secondary color should be about 30 percent. Window coverings can be used to accent the existing color schemes.

You can effectively use window blinds or shades to accent the room. You may match existing wood trim with wood blinds or you might consider a window shade to bring out other items in the room.

New Color Schemes

When starting from scratch build your color scheme around an items that will be going into the room such a painting or furniture. If there is nothing to start with build a color scheme around color you like.


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