Window layers can improve the insulation in a home as well as creating an atmosphere that works through the cold winter months as well as the balmiest summer days. It’s not practical for people to change out their window treatments with every season; it’s costly and window treatments can take up a lot of storage space, not to mention the time and effort it takes to hang and dismantle blinds and shades. Here are a few tips for layering window treatments to create effective and elegant blinds and shades that can work in any season.

  • EnviroFusion Textured Linen Roman Shades offer two window treatments in one for the best energy efficiency with style. The cellular shade works as a liner that hides cords and offers superior insulation. In the warmer months, leave the liner raised for light filtering elegance of Roman Shades.
  • Solar Screen Shades and Custom Drapes. Rooms that boast large windows or a series of window panels that face the sun create two problems. First, the glare from the sun can strain eyes and cause UV damage to artwork and furniture. Secondly, on cloudy or cold days, or during the winter, the windows are a huge source of warm air leaking out. To prevent both problems, install solar screen shades as the base layer. These add some insulation to a home, but mainly block the sun’s glare and rays. Then add custom drapery, which can be closed, especially at night to keep the cold out and improve insulation. During the summer, having the drapes elegantly tied off helps finish the look of a room and accentuate color schemes.
  • Woven Wood Shades and Shade Liners. Shade liners offer two services. They can completely block light from a room, but they also improve insular qualities. For consumers who enjoy the look and feel of the South Pacific through light filtering shades, liners can be used at night, and then easily raised in the morning. For those who want a dark room without losing the decorative qualities of woven wood shades, the liners effectively shut out the light.
  • Soft Sheer Shades and Custom Drapes. Soft sheer shades add romance to any room and are a beautiful way to filter light into any room. These are great for series of windows. Hang a soft sheer shade over each individual window, then use custom drapes as a single unit to close over the entire series of windows. Custom drapes offer privacy as well as additional insulation.

There are many ways to layer window treatments, blinds and shades, however, the above are a few of the most popular methods. To discover which combinations will work for a particular room or office, order samples first to compare and contrast colors and textures. If further help is needed, work with a window treatment company that has a customer service hotline to answer any questions.
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