If a consumer is going forward in their search for new blinds and/or shades with a thorough knowledge of the window covering industry and its myriad products they are a very rare specimen. Most blinds/shades shoppers are unaware of the extent of products available. And since they are unaware of just how many different products are available to fill their needs they are absolutely unaware of the even larger number of features and options available. The massive amount of information can often come off as distracting to consumers who have it thrown at them all at once when they begin their search for shades.

But when consumers who have come to the end of their search and made their purchase look back...it's obvious that every feature and every option has a very specific purpose that meets the needs of different situations and/or lifestyles. This is the knowledge that would have been handy prior to making the purchase. Knowing the various features and their advantages and disadvantages in different situations increases the likelihood that consumers will be able to appropriately envision the product in their home and measure its worthiness before making the purchase and installing the product. It results in a higher probability of long term satisfaction with the products purchased.

When it comes to window shade features there are four categories that features can fall into: privacy and/or light control, safety, function and general appeal. Each of the categories include a wide array of options and each of the categories holds a different importance to each consumer. Consumers should consider the categories and assign them to their own list of priorities prior to beginning their search for blinds or window shades. It's the only way to keep priorities straight as more and more options are presented.

A very popular feature in the light control and privacy category is the top down, bottom up feature. Top down bottom up shades provide consumers with a very unique light control option. Light blocking has never been as accommodating before. The shades can be adjusted throughout the day depending upon the needs of the residents.

A popular safety feature is the cordless option. Cordless shades are now available in almost any style consumers are looking for. The potential dangers posed to small children by corded products pushed manufacturers to provide a wide variety of cordless options that meet the quality standards and design requirements of the traditional shades and blinds with the added bonus of being the safest products on the market. When it comes to general appeal consumers can enjoy the wide array of color, fabric, and/or stain options as well as many more aesthetically pleasing additions that can make the product more personally appealing.

Having a general sense of what's available and why it's available makes it much more likely that property owners will be able to cut through the fluff and find the products and features that actually suit their needs. And finding the specific products and features that suit the needs of the situation at hand is the only way to gain long term satisfaction with the window blinds investment.
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