There are consumers out there who aren't aware of the choices they have available when it comes to window coverings. When they think of window shades they immediately think of mini blinds; which is fairly normal since they're a popular choice. What's not normal (or accurate) is their assumption that mini blinds are the only option. Mini blinds are definitely available, but they are in no way the only option. They aren't even one of a few. They are one of many options available in today's market.

Aluminum mini blinds are pretty classic; they're a good first thought. They definitely accomplish the basics: light blocking and privacy. They're also quite affordable. They're usually immediately available for almost any window size in any location. They come with easy installation. They sound pretty good. And they are; they're always a good first option. But to ensure the "best option" is the one chosen consumers must move beyond the first option to consider the comparable products and the upgrades before they come to the final decision.

When consumers move on to consider horizontal wood or faux blinds they find a popular upgrade in the cornice style valance (not available for mini blinds). It adds a bit of elegance to the basic horizontal blind design. Not every horizontal blind product offers the upgrade; it depends upon the manufacturer. But most do offer it and most offer it at no additional cost. The basic, interior mount valance leaves valance clips visible. Since a majority of consumers see the visible valance clips as negative to the overall "look" of the window covering the cornice style valance will continue to be a popular option.

Also popular are the decorative tapes that cover visible cords on horizontal blinds (again...not available for mini blinds). The decorative tapes block light as it attempts to leak through the route holes. So this particular option benefits the consumer in two ways: by increasing the function of the product and by elevating the aesthetic appeal.

Other popular options/features are edge binding, 5 inch valances, routless ladders, cordless blinds, cassette headrails and more. While some benefit the consumer by increasing the aesthetic appeal and others benefit the consumer by increasing the functionality of the product the favorite options are almost always those that do both simultaneously. blinds are a great first option. They're the perfect place to start. And they're often a great final choice. But making the best final choice means considering all the options starting at the first and moving forward. So never make the mistake of thinking you've found the perfect choice without ever considering the competition. Considering all the options makes for a much higher success rate.
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