Homeowners during the recession are avoiding big financial moves. This means that homeowners who were considering upgrading in the recent past are most likely no longer considering the sale of their current home in order to buy a new home elsewhere.

Most homeowners are sticking it out in their current residence to avoid further credit obligations. And some are sticking in their current home because they are aware that in the current market they aren't likely to be able to obtain further credit to purchase another home.

What do homeowners do when they are ready to move, but circumstance requires that they stick it out in their current location? One thing that can make all the difference in the world is to update blinds and shades throughout the home. Updating the blinds and shades can change the entire look of the home instantly.

It's an amazing home improvement because not only will it drastically alter the design aura, but it will add value to any home. With recent increases in safety regulations many homes are in desperate need of blinds and shades updating. So not only do homeowners benefit from a totally new look, but they get added value to their home and increased safety for any children who live in or visit the home regularly.

Homeowners looking to replace their blinds and shades will find that the options have drastically increased in recent years. Some basic facts to consider when thinking about upgrading blinds and shades include:

1. The faux vs. wood argument: the fact that it's an argument is almost laughable due to the fact that the two different products cater to different situations, different room requirements, etc. Faux is best in places where moisture will be present like bathrooms and kitchens. Wood offers the warmth of wood to a design space as well as being stronger and lighter.

2. Energy saving products pay for themselves: Many forget to consider the fact that with energy saving blinds they not only decrease their carbon footprint, but they decrease their monthly energy bill drastically. The decreased energy bill will eventually pay for the up front cost of the blinds.

3. Blinds and shades are seen as a home improvement: In comparison to other home improvements that are not universally accepted as "valuable," blinds and shades immediately make any house feel more like a home. They provide necessary privacy, light control and a basic element to the home that cannot be accomplished with any other semi-permanent or permanent furnishings.

Updating blinds and shades throughout a residence often results in lowered energy bills (due to the advances that have been made in the industry in recent years; window coverings are more energy efficient than ever before). This is a definite priority for many during recession and increases the likelihood that buyers will experience long term satisfaction.
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