Custom Roman Shades have the versatility of style to fit almost any room. From traditional design, to contemporary, modern decorating, Roman Shades bring elegance homes. Offered in linen, satin and suede, Roman Shades come in custom sizes to fit oversized windows, or smaller windows with unusual measurements.

Roman Shades are a perfect alternative to hanging drapes, as they control the amount of light let into a room. Offered in a selection of rich materials and colors, Custom Roman Shades increase the value of a room and a property. Window treatments are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to fix up a home and add to resale value. Using custom Roman Shades lets guests and buyers imagine a life of luxury. Custom Roman Shades allow blinds to be tailored to any window size or shape while giving the room a finished look.

Linen shades pair well with clean, simple lines. The color selection, based in neutral colors, was designed to keep the focus on the room and the views instead of the window blinds. However, when closed, these linen roman blinds offer a fresh finished look to any room. Linen shades are available in soft earth tones ranging from natural white, to buttercup and a variety of neutral browns. Some custom Roman Shades come with a marbled finish that is subtle yet appealing.

Satin custom Roman Shades are suited towards bedrooms and great rooms with wood furniture finishes. They pair perfectly with antique furniture. A rich color palate often spans through sea foam, moss and sunset. Satin makes a statement of its own and may be a bit heavy for smaller rooms. However, rooms with space stand to benefit from the visual and tactile appeal of satin, bringing out the finishes of a love seat or sofa, or complimenting an antique rug.

Suede custom Roman Shades offer a bold splash of color that serves as an accent piece. From fire red to jade to bronze, these Roman Shades are not shy. Becoming the focal point of the room, suede adds an unusual element into design. While generally relegated to furniture, using suede can bring together a western or cabin themed design. However, they can also finish off a study or office nicely.

Custom Roman Shades come in two styles; traditional flat panels, or 'tear drop' style. Flat panels fold up when opened, leaving a swash of fabric and color, while allowing light in. When closed, the flat panels give color without adding texture. Tear drop blinds have elegant folds that remain when the blinds are closed. The soft shape of the shades gives a sensuality and can bring texture to a room that needs a little emphasis.

Some window blinds dealers will offer custom roman blinds with upgraded Omni rise continuous cords on larger sizes free. Easy set equalizers keep cords perfectly aligned and are easy to adjust for shade length.

For rooms where children will be playing, custom Roman Shades are available in a cordless version. Custom Roman Shades can be fitted to every size window. With the convenience of being able to adjust light and privacy and the ability to protect against heat and cold, custom roman shades add class to your house.
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