The installation of high quality, conservative window coverings is often seen as a valuable addition to a home or office. While there are almost countless options available when it comes to the style of window coverings, one of the most popular on today's market are roman shades. Roman shades are quick and easy. They're affordable and they're accommodating when it comes to room design and style. This makes them a great choice for a large portion of designers and consumers alike. Some of the characteristics of the roman shades that make them a great choice are:

1. Simplicity: The roman shade can suit almost any style. But possibly most telling is its ability to suit the minimalist style that has become so popular in today's interior decorating world. Roman shades provide a simple, elegant accent to almost any decor starting from the most "minimal" to the elaborate.

2. Versatility of Design: There are a lot of window covering options that meet the needs of the consumer. But a lot of the options will also distract or overwhelm the interior design already present in the room. Roman shades do not pose this problem. They do not draw undue attention to themselves unless they are custom designed to do so.

3. Proper Function: Roman shades are easy and they're quick and they fulfill all the basic functions of privacy and light control that created the need for the entire window covering industry.

4. Custom Design: Roman shades are easily customized to suit specific needs. They are possibly the easiest products to customize in the industry. Custom options are often available with a variety of window covering products, but the roman shade offers one of the most amazingly thorough ranges of custom options on the market.

Roman shades make meeting the privacy and light control needs of a room without disrupting the room's interior design simple. This is probably the single most popular aspect of the roman shade; they provide for the needs of the room without taking away from the aesthetics already in place. In addition they are easy to install, easy to customize, easy to wonder they're one of the most popular window coverings on the market.
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