A typical window blind application is hanging window blinds above a window that sits between two cabinets. Because the window blind is mounted between two objects, whether it is a window frame, cabinets, or walls, the blinds and valance must fit within an opening. If this is the case follow these ease steps for correct measuring and installation.

Measure width of the opening where the window blinds will be mounted. If the blinds are mounted between two cabinets measure the distance between the two cabinets. Record your measurement.

Measure the height. If you are mounting on the wall above the window you will want to add to the height for the headrail at the top and at the bottom so the blinds will extend past the window sill. If you are mounting the blinds to the top of a window frame or the ceiling simply measure the height from there to the bottom of the window frame. Record your measurement.

When ordering the blinds select "inside mount". This means that the factory will take a deduction to make the blinds fit within the opening size you specify. It also means the valance will be cut to fit within the opening width as well.

Hang the blinds by either mounting the brackets into the top of the window frame or to the wall above the window.

Measuring and installing window blinds between cabinets or other enclosed space is easy if you know how!
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