Vinyl Vertical Blinds are the blinds you most often see on patio doors and large windows. Their easy to use wand controls make it convenient for anyone to open and close them. Yet it isn't convenience they are best known for, it's for their safety.

Patio doors that don't have window treatments are an easy way for any burglar to take a look at your belongings and assess whether or not your house is worth robbing. Vinyl Vertical Blinds block prying eyes when you're away, keeping your home safe.

Because burglars often scout neighborhoods before breaking and entering, it's important if you are taking a vacation to make it look as if someone is home. One of the best ways to do that is to open windows on the upper levels of the house, where it's not so easy to peek in. Also, having lights come on automatically in the evening is another way to make people think you're at home.

In the past, Vinyl Vertical Blinds have generally come in shades of white and off white, so they can be integrated into any design. However, there are some more exciting options on the market and the 3 1/2" Premier Wood Look Vinyl Vertical Blinds are one of them. The Premier verticals coordinate with stained wood or faux wood furnishings.

Offering faux wood vinyl vertical blinds is a bold move. It gives decorators a little more freedom to have hun with a room. Now, Vinyl Vertical Blinds don't have to be boring. Premier Wood Look Vinyl Vertical Blinds come in four varieties of stains; honey, oak mantel, pecan and dark teak. In her article, 'How to Mix Wood Colors in Interior Decorating, Katherine Kally urges people to "Experiment with a mix of wood colors in your home to create a balance of light and dark features that will compliment your interior design."

Premier Wood Look Vinyl Vertical Blinds work best on sliding glass doors and large windows. They will also help insulate against the sun, protecting valuable art and furniture and keeping temperatures cooler for the summer. Vinyl Vertical Blinds also make it easy to open and close for summer traffic heading in and out of the house to play in the backyard, swim in the pool, or let a fresh breeze in.

Each Premier Wood Look Vinyl Vertical Blinds comes with:
  • Color matched to Blinds Chalet's Premier 2" Faux Wood Blinds
  • 4 colors to choose from.
  • Self adjusting headrail standard
  • White metal wand control
  • Color match for stained blinds
  • Dust cover wrap around valance standard for added savings
  • Available in large sizes

If you have patio doors or large windows on the lower level of your house, consider Vinyl Vertical Blinds to help protect your home and your privacy. Available at most major window treatment retailers, Vinyl Vertical Blinds are an investment you won't regret.
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