Although wood binds have been stained or painted and sealed, it is not recommended that they get wet. Excessive water can cause the wood blinds to warp and possibly discolor.

Easy How To Instructions - Cleaning Wood Blinds

The best way to clean wood blinds is to wipe them with a duster or soft cloth. You may also use a vacuum with the brush attachment.

If there is stains that are not easily removed with a dust cloth or vacuum you can use a damp rag, but make sure you dry the blinds right away. Extended exposure to moisture can damage the wood blinds.

Decorative Cloth Tapes

When cleaning cloth tapes, consider the material they are made of. Most fabric tapes can be cleaned with fabric cleaning wipes. We recommend you first test an area of the fabric tapes that are hidden on the window blinds. 100% polyester fabric tapes can be cleaned using distilled water and a soft white cloth. If the tapes are shiny or have a luster, water may leave a stain.


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