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Want static free, dust free window blinds? Maintaining a dust free home is virtually impossible. However, there are ways to keep the dust from collecting on your blinds. It can be done with a few general household products. These remedies not only help cut down the dust that collects, but will also cut down on the dust mites that exist in the home by the millions. For those of us that have breathing problems caused by dust, these recipes are natural and safe when battling dust bunnies.

The first one is for creating a dust cloth that will kill and sanitize problematic areas in the home that collect the most dust, ie., your blinds.

Dust Cloths - Mix a generous squirt of liquid dish soap and 2 teaspoons turpentine in 1/2 to 1 gallon hot water. Stir in clean, lint-free cloths and leave for 8 to 10 hours; then let the cloths air-dry. Alternatively, mix 1 cup lemon oil in 2 cups hot water. Saturate the cloths in the solution; wring out and air dry. Store in an airtight container.

Now, the best solution for your window blinds is the following, which will help repel the dust from collecting on your horizontal blinds like wood blind or aluminum blind slats.

Dust Repellent - Combine 1 part liquid fabric softner with 4 parts water; pour in a labeled spray bottle. Spray on soft cloth and use on any surface that has static electricity.

This will help reduce the amount of static electricity on your blinds, thus reducing and repelling the amount of dust that typically collects on them.

Another simple way to reduce the static on your window coverings is to simply wipe them with a fabric softener sheet.

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