Each window blind product at Blinds Chalet has specific cleaning instructions. For a quick reference on cleaning techniques, refer to the list below:


All window blinds and shades may be dusted. Regular dusting will prevent dust from collecting and staining or soiling fabric shades.


For deeper cleaning window coverings may be vacuumed by using a brush attachment with the vacuum on the low setting.

Spot Cleaning

Window shades and blinds may be spot cleaned using luke warm water and mild detergents. Blot the fabric shades without applying much pressure so the fabric will not damage. Rubbing can damage fabric window blinds. It is always recommended to test the fabrics in a location that is not clearly visible first to make sure the detergent doesn't affect the fabric color.

Compressed Air

Compressed air can be used to blow off the dust from the blinds or shades. You may either use canned air or from a compressor. Care should be taken not to use too much pressure.


Aluminum or vinyl blinds may be immersed in water such as a bath tub. It is never recommended to immerse wood blinds or shades as the water can damage the window coverings.

Immerse the window blinds in luke warm water and mild detergent. Let them soak for about 5 minutes. You may clean each individual slat with a cloth or rag.

Rinse the window blinds with water.

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