Hanging draperies, valances, and curtains is easy with the use of clip on drapery rings. Instead off sewing rings onto the curtain, the rings simply clip onto the fabric and slide over the drapery rod. But how to choose the right number of rings and how to install them.

First lets talk about choosing the right rings and the correct size. Make sure you select a drapery ring that will fit over the size curtain rod you have. For instance, if your drapery rod is a 1 inch rod, the diameter of the rings should be 1 1/2 inch rings or something larger than 1 inch in diameter. Also choose a ring that will complement the decor of the ring as well as the drapery rod. Drapery rings come in a wide range of colors and styles.

Next lets talk about choosing the correct number of rings. The drapery rings will need to be clipped onto the curtain every 2-4 inches. By using this calculation you should be able to determine the number of rings you will need. Simply divide the size in inches of your panel when it is fully extended and divide by how far apart you choose to have the rings. Example, if your panel measures 54 inches and you choose to place the rings 2 inches apart, you will need 27 clip on rings per drapery panel.

Last lets talk about installing the drapery rings onto the curtain.
  1. Lay the curtain or valance out flat on the floor.
  2. Attach the rings, starting from the outside and working your way in. The first clip on ring should be about 1/2 inch from the outside edge of the fabric. Attach each ring the desired distance apart. Remember, the rings can be adjusted after the the drapery panels has been installed on the rod
  3. Slip the clip rings over the drapery rod.
  4. Adjust curtain as needed.
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