Start out by removing your valance from the window by unclipping it at the bottom first and then at the top if you have clear valance clips or by pushing up on the back of the valance from the bottom if you have the white hidden valance clips.

Raise your blind all the way up and then lock it into place. If you are not able to lock your blind place, then pull it up using the lift cord and have someone hold it in the up position.

Open the front cover of the installation brackets by pushing up from the bottom of the brackets and unsnapping it, then lift the cover to the top.

Remove the blinds from the opening and lay it on a flat surface.

Using a pair of pliers, remove both end caps from each end of the blind if your blind has them. Please note that some blinds may not have end caps.

Remove the breakaway cord connector by pulling the strings in opposite directions. This will allow the breakaway cord connector to come apart. Untie all the cords or if you want, you may cut the cords by using a pair of scissors.

Pull the lift cords up into the head rail and out of the cord lock mechanism.

Slide the tilt rod to the opposite end of the head rail depending on what side you cord lock is on. Do not slide it all the way out, just enough so that you are able to remove the cord lock.

Using the pliers, pull on the back of the mechanism, roll your wrist towards yourself until the mechanism snaps out of place and becomes loose.

Before placing the new mechanism into the head rail, you will need to re-string the cords through the new cord lock. Make sure that the cord lock is facing with the gray part towards you and that the little round pin is pushed to the bottom right. Then slide the cords from the left side through the cord lock mechanism over to the right side and down through the mechanism. Make sure that the cords are in between the gears.

Place the new mechanism into the head rail by making sure that the top of the cord lock is in place first and then push on the back of the cord lock until it snaps into place. Make sure that the metal piece is snapped into the head rail. You may use have to use your pliers to ensure that it is secured. Slide the tilt rod back over.

Now you can replace the cord connector and by re-tying the strings and replacing the tassel.
Make sure that the strings are even because if they are not, it will cause the shade to raise and lower crooked. Then, push both pieces of the cord connector together until it snaps in place. You are now ready to re-install your blind.

Replace the valance clips onto the head rail and hang your blind back into the installation brackets. Close the cover and make sure that it snaps at the bottom to ensure that the blind will not fall out of the brackets.

Install/Attach your valance to the valance clips.

That completes the installation on replacing a cord lock on a 2” Blind.
You have successfully changed out a cord lock mechanism and you are now ready to use your blind.
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