Part 2 of 2 of instructions of how to install honeycomb cell shades. Simple instructions to install our standard and soft touch honeycomb cell shades.

How to Install Honeycomb Cell Shades

Outside mount with extension bracket

Inserting the headrail
mounting honeycomb cell shadesFirst lower the bottom rail about an inch. This will help keep the cellular shade fabric from getting caught between the brackets and the headrail. Position the headrail with the front lip(A) resting on the top hooks of all the brackets. Make sure that no fabric is pinched between the brackets and the headrail. Push the bottom of the headrail firmly upwards and toward the window until the groove at the bottom of the headrail snaps into place (B) as shown.

mounting cell shadesTo lower the shade, pull down on the handle which is secured to the bottom rail. To raise the honeycomb cell shade, push the bottom rail up. The shades will hold at any position when the bottom rail is released.

removing cell shadesRemoving the headrail To remove a shade, insert a screwdriver between the headrail and the bottom back of the bracket (tab which extends out slightly from each bracket). Gently pry the screwdriver to release the bracket from the headrail Take care not to damage the painted finish of the headrail. As you release the brackets support the headrail to keep it from falling.

Installing the handle
handle installation for honeycomb cell shadesLocate the center of the bottom rail. Gently lift fabric out of the way. Hook the top of the handle over the front lip on the bottom rail. Rotate handle down until it snaps into place.

Trouble shooting

Problem: Cordless Shade will not stay down.
Cause:Because cell shades are fabricated primarily in the closed position, the fabric may want to spring up.
Repair: Gently pull down on a section of cells to relax the pleats (see diagram below). Repeat with another section of cells until the fabric is sufficiently relaxed. Leave the shades down and do no tightly stack the shade for 24 hrs.
troubleshooting cell shades

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