Drapery panels can be attached to drapery rods by using drapery rings. Rings can attach to the drapery panels in various ways. Drapery rings can be sewn to to tops of the curtains, attached with clip on rings, or with a hook or prong that is inserted through the top of the panels.

Slip the drapery rings onto the drapery rod. Depending on the size of the rings and the finials you may need to room remove a finial from one end. To remove a finial unscrew it from the drapery rod.

If the drapery rings are not already attached to the drapery panel attach each ring with the clips or hooks to each panel.

Hang the drapery rod on the brackets. Each bracket is magnetic and will hold the drapery rod in place.

Arrange the drapery panels how you would like along the drapery rod.

As you can see installing drapery rings is not difficult. Make sure you select the correct size rings for the rod you are using. All of our drapery rods and rings match in the corresponding colors. Choose from a selection of metal finishes or wood stains.
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