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Many people face challenges of noisy neighbors, trains, traffic, airplanes and more. For those who want a little peace and quiet in their homes, noise reduction shades are a perfect remedy.

Top styles for noise reduction shades are:
  • Cellular shades are the top window coverings for sound absorption. They are perfect for home theater rooms because they are excellent at blocking light as well as noise. Cell shades come in single cell shades, double cell shades and blackout shades.

    • Single cell shades offer insulating properties as well as light filtering properties
    • Double cell shades have increased insulation and noise blocking properties.
    • Blackout shades effectively eliminate light from bedrooms and home theater rooms
  • Fusion Shades are also good noise reduction shades because of the cellular liner behind the roman shades. Fusion shades offer style and design as well as practical noise blocking properties. They combine roman shades with cellular shades for the best of elegance and beauty.

Some of the best brands of cellular shades include Cordless Translucent Single Cell Shades, Cordless Blackout Shades, Express Translucent Single and Double Cell Shades, Ultimate Cordless Cell Shades, Signature Translucent Double Cell Shades, Room Darkening Cell Shades, EnergyTrack Cell Shades and ComforTrack Cell Shades.

Not only do these shades block noise, they help insulate homes, filter or block light and reduce energy bills. The unique cells within cellular shades trap light, UV rays, and sound. Double cells shades offer the best insulating properties, with single cell shades following close behind.

No matter which brand of window treatment you buy, be sure to look for companies that offer discounts year-round as well as free shipping. Don’t hesitate to call them to check out their customer service. Reputable companies will offer samples of different colors and styles of shades in order to find the best match for your home.

If you find yourself having to turn up the television to try to cover up the noise outside, or blasting the radio, consider insulating cellular shades and blinds to reduce noise and restore your sanity. There are no right or wrong window treatments to buy as long as you trust your source, get your blinds when promised and are satisfied with them.
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