SlumberShades, the official window treatments of the National Sleep Foundation, are being discounted with a $25.00 rebate from select manufacturers throughout the month of March, 2011.

This week marks National Sleep Awareness week and to kick it off, there is a $25.00 rebate on SlumberShades: the Official Shade of the National Sleep Foundation. The offer stands through the end of March to help encourage Americans to get the sleep they need.

With Americans working long hours to try to make ends meet, then coming home to nurture families, many people don’t get the minimum of 8 hours sleep needed in order to function in a healthy manner. Sleep deprivation can lead to decreased reaction times, poor decision-making and more. Those who do get 8-10 hours of sleep per night benefit from improved mood, increased creativity and more.

In fact, people who get a good night’s sleep every night are generally happier and more productive than their sleep deprived counterparts. People are able to work more efficiently in less time than those who stay up late to try to fit more into their lives. Sleep helps repair the body and improves mind function.

Using a window treatment that blocks light and sound creates a more conducive environment for sleep. As far as window treatments go, SlumberShades are the ultimate blackout cellular shades. SlumberShades combine blackout fabric with energy saving sidetracks as well as top and bottom seals designed to block light from entering along the sides of the shades. SlumberShades create a comfortable, dark environment ideal for sleeping. Their honeycomb design also works to increase energy efficiency within a home. Heating and air conditioning bills are reduced as these window treatments prevent leaks and drafts.

SlumberShade window treatments block both light and air leaks on all sides of the shades. Made with double cell honeycomb fabric, SlumberShade insulating blackout shades save energy and lower energy bills.

Each SlumberShade comes with the following:
  • Sidetracks with individual color choice lined with black interior for light control.
  • Fuzzy top and bottom seal to ensure the best possible light control.
  • Bottom magnetic seals on cordless shades to keep shade tightly closed at the bottom
  • Standard headrail color coordinated. Cordless or Continuous Cord Loop, white with color coordinated insert.

For those looking for the best night’s sleep they can get, consider SlumberShades. These blinds are especially effective for people who work nights and have a hard time sleeping during the day as well as in children's rooms for naptime, offices and bedrooms.
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