Roller Shades are an ideal window treatment for homes and offices. They are a perfect compliment for floor-to-ceiling windows and large windows that receive direct sunlight. Their sheer weave design comes in a variety of openness, which refers to the amount of light enters the room. Roller shades maintain views while blocking UV rays and help keep rooms cool. As a mid-summer incentive for homeowners and companies trying to beat the summer heat, some companies are offering discounts on popular roller shades.

  • Eclipse 5% Roller Shades. Perfect for sun control, light filtering Eclipse 5% Screen Roller Shades create a more comfortable environment. Solar screen shades are excellent for temperature control, reducing glare, and diffusing light. The shearweave fabric is designed as a screen to block UV rays while not blocking the view. The energy efficient solutions of screen shades are perfect for light control, visibility, and heat reduction!

  • Sheer Weave Roller Shades – 14%. Designed to shade and cool a room, house or office with the versatility to roll it up and let light in. Made from Phifer SheerWeave 3000 material these window treatments offer an excellent to superior UV rating when closed.

  • Suntec Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades. Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades are designed to filter out all light from entering a room. Each roll up shade provides significant instant privacy and heat protection. Although the polyester/fiberglass fabric is made from blackout fabric, light may enter on the sides of the roller shades.

For a few dollars more per shade, and environmentally friendly roller shade is available:

  • EcoGreen Roller Shades. Made from environmentally friendly fabrics, EcoGreen Roller Shades offer both style and function. Committed to high quality, environmentally responsible window coverings that both help conserve the environment and beautify your windows. These shades are PVC-free. EcoGreen fabrics are free from PVCs and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 100% Recyclable Each EcoGreen fabric is completely recyclable to help keep our landfills free and preserve earth's resources. LEED Certification-friendly EcoGreen fabrics help toward the achievement of LEED certification by contributing toward Energy Performance, Material and Resource Use, and Indoor Environmental Quality.

No matter what size window you have, eco friendly roller shades are the ideal window treatment to help block the sun’s heat. Roller shades can also be used to add a design element to open cabinets or shelves. The color selection is available in neutral colors so as not to distract from a room’s interior design. Roller shades can be custom made to fit the exact specifications of your windows.

Around the end of July, the real heat waves begin. This is when people realize they need shades or blinds for their windows and they need them quickly. Look for companies that offer 2-Day production on in- stock window treatments for select blinds. Roller shades are the perfect compromise for keeping summer views while helping keep rooms cool.
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