Window treatments can be used not only for decoration and privacy but also for insulation. Carefully selected window treatments can reduce your homes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Cold Climate Window Treatment Tips

There are several things that can be done to insulate your windows during the cold winter months.
  • Double pane windows with low-e coating help reflect the heat back into the room.
  • Repair and weatherize your existing windows.
  • Install the right window treatments. Proper window coverings can insulate your home from the cold.
  • Close window treatments during the night time and open them to let the sun shine in during the daylight hours.

Warm Climate Window Treatment Tips

During the hot summer months sun shines through your windows heating up the room. Proper windows and window treatments can reduce the energy loss and keep your home cooler.
  • Keep window treatments closed during the day time, especially on southern and western exposure windows.
  • Install insulating window shades.
  • Install awnings on the outside to block the sun.
  • Install high efficient windows and apply sun-control or other reflective screens.

Top Energy Saving Shades

Typical energy bills for US homes are close to $1300 per year. Heating and cooling a home accounts for the majority of a homes energy consumption. Simple steps can be taken to reduce the energy consumption of a home by 10% to 50%. Energy efficient homes may also qualify for special programs such as an energy efficiency mortgage as well as increase the homes value. Learn more about how much you can save on your energy bill with our window shades energy calculator.


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