I wish these window shades were available when I was in school. Collegiate window shades feature your school’s logo on them. Each school has a number of different logos to choose from, so you can pick your favorite, or the one that goes best with the rest of your décor.

Knowing the life of the college student, these window shades also have an optional upgrade for a blackout fabric, which I hugely recommend for after a long night out or a much needed nap between classes. The darkened atmosphere with blackout shades has been proven to help improve sleep and sleep helps improve mental alertness, creativity and mood (everyone will appreciate the last one.)

These collegiate window blinds are great not just for dorm rooms or student housing, but also for game rooms, rec rooms and more. If you’re a proud alumni, why not consider installing these in your home theater room or man room.

The variety of logos ensures there are options that suit both men’s and women’s styles. Each logo is officially licensed and more schools are being added to the available selection monthly. There are currently 39 schools to choose from ranging from The Air Force Academy to Penn State to the Wisconsin Badgers. Collegiate window shades are custom made to fit individual window sizes and the logo is proportioned accordingly.

The window shades are roller shades, making it easy to adjust them to offer the desired amount of light in a room. Without the blackout shades, the light will filter in through them, softening glare and making it easier for students to work at their computers without the risk of eye strain and related headaches.

These Collegiate window shades are a fun way to show your support of your school. The demand for this type of window treatment created a line of window treatments that will be appreciated and in demand for years to come. Show your pride and show your enthusiasm for your school through collegiate window treatments.
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