Energy efficient window treaments can help with energy loss. Knowing the R-Value of the shade or blind is important. R value is assigned to any building materials and is used to tell the amount of heat the window covering resists. The higher the number, the better job the window treatment does in insulating your windows. Typical R-value ranges from 0.9 to 3.0.

On a typical home, windows account for nearly 50% of the heat gain or loss depending on the season. That means 50% of the work your air conditioning or heating unit does is from energy loss through your windows. Proper coverage of your windows with window blinds or window shades can reduce your energy bills. Calculate the money you can save with the energy efficient blinds calculator.

Three factors control the energy loss through your windows. The material of the windows, the size of the windows, and the window coverings.

Window Materials

Advances in the technology of windows have made them more energy efficient. Windows made with low-e glass and dual pane windows will better insulate than those with single pane windows. Double paned windows with the low-e glaze are 35% more energy efficient than untreated double-paned windows.

Window Square Footage

Since windows account for about 50% of the homes energy loss and they typically are only 18% of the overall house, most of the heat transfer is through the windows. The amount of energy loss is directly proportional to the amount and size of the windows.

Window Treatments

All window treatments are not created equal when talking about r-values and energy savings. Typical horizontal blinds have an average R-value of 2.5 while honeycomb shades are better insulators and have an R-value between 3.25 to 5.0. By increasing the R-value of your window coverings you can decrease your energy bills.

Window treatments can be the greatest investment for energy savings. Energy efficient shades can also protect your furniture, art, wood flooring as well as your carpet from damaging uv rays. Browse our website for a complete list of our energy efficient shades. We have also created a simple energy savings calculator to determine an approximate savings on your energy bill. Simply enter the square footage of your home and pick your window coverings.


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