When I sleep, I want to sleep. I want my room to be dark because hopefully it is night when I am trying to go to sleep. I am fortunate that I sleep during the night and am awake during the day. Many people are not so fortunate. They take jobs where they work partially or completely through the night and have to sleep during the day. When the sun comes up, our bodies tell us we should be awake, even if we have only been sleeping for a few hours. Sleep studies show that people who sleep in dark, quiet rooms get a better night’s sleep than those who sleep in rooms with lots of light or noise. For those who sleep during the day, having the proper window treatments is exceptionally important.

If a room is going to be dark, it should be dark. That’s how I like it. According to sleep studies, window blinds and shades can help contribute to a better night’s sleep. Many blinds and shades have privacy or blackout liners. These completely block light so you don’t get the cracks in the blinds or cracks along the sides of the window. It is critical to measure the windows correctly when ordering blackout blinds otherwise there may be a crack down the side of the window where light can seep through.

Another alternative for those looking to block the glare of the sun when they are trying to sleep are routless blinds. Most window coverings have holes in them where the lifting cords run. These tiny holes can let in pinpricks of sunshine that can interrupt sleep. Routless blinds use technology where the cords run up the back of the window treatment and no holes penetrate the actual blinds.

A third option is to purchase EnergyTrack or ComforTrack cellular honeycomb shades. As opposed to routless blinds, these window treatments have seals that run across the sides of the windows and the tops of the windows. Window shades like the SlumberShades are recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, not only because they block light and insulate against sound, but because the insulate against drafts, making the room more conducive to sleep and maintaining a steady temperature.

Another key is to have a comfortable room. If there is a dog that barks incessantly, look into earplugs. Take the TV out of bedrooms or be sure to turn them off during sleep, as they are known to interrupt sleep patterns and a restful night of zzzzzs. Also try to get 8-10 hours of sleep every night. This will help increase productivity, improve mood, increase creativity and more. Get the rest you deserve and order window treatments today.
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