In the past, when some one wanted to know how to dispose of their blinds, or the best way to clean their blinds, they often asked their neighbor or a friend what they did. This was a great system as long as someone in the network knew what to do. Today, the Internet has changed everything. Answers to virtually any question can be found with a few clicks on a keyboard. This is making everyone’s life a lot easier.

As far as window treatments are concerned, information has traditionally been disseminated through articles and blogs and forums. But many of us are visual learners and absorb information through mediums like video over articles. The good news is there are now informative video clips to help those with questions. Any one with questions on window treatments can now go to YouTube and type in Blinds Chalet to find the answers to their questions in seconds.

The videos are designed to get information across quickly and efficiently. They cover a variety of topics, which include the following:
  1. How To Measure Blinds
  2. How To Find the Most Energy Efficient Blinds
  3. How to Clean Plastic or Metal Blinds
  4. How to Clean Wooden Blinds
  5. How to Choose Window Coverings, Part 1
  6. How to Choose Window Coverings Part 2
  7. How to Reduce Dust From Collecting on Blinds
  8. How to Recycle Your Blinds

Outside of the ‘How To’ series the videos also cover different brands of shades and the benefits of each of those, such as the Woven Wood and Bamboo Roller Shades from Tavarua, Major League Baseball Window Shades, Valencia Cordless Roman Shades, Cellular Shades, Faux Wood Shades, Cornices and more. Most video clips are under a minute, which is perfect for anyone who wants a quick answer and not a long draw-out explanation.

Companies using video understand that finding a way to communicate with their audience is they only way people are going to learn about their product. As a society, we are relying more and more on information that is fast and convenient. Stopping by a neighbor’s house to find out how she cleans her window treatments seems like a waste of time for many.

As we take a five-minute break from work, we can find out the answers we are looking for without going anywhere. Video clips, whether they are about window treatments, blinds, shades, energy efficiency, recycling or more are a simple solution for the answers you might have.
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