Sometimes New Years resolutions are made with the best intentions to keep them, but because of financial situations, they sometimes get pushed over from year to year. This year, why not fulfill those resolutions while there are sales and discounted items so that you not only get to cross that item off your list, but you get the sense of accomplishment of doing what you said you were going to do?

One of the most popular resolutions for homeowners is to update the look of their home. They may have bought a new home recently and not had time to make it ‘their own,’ and are still living with the previous tenant’s sense of style. Or, another reason might be, someone has lived in their home for so long, they are still living with 80’s style drapes. Why not start off the New Years with a fresh new look and feel to your home?

Replacing window treatments, blinds and shades is one of the least expensive ways to update the look and feel of a home without major construction. Think of the difference a bright splash of color could do for a dark room. Or what about finally purchasing window treatments that block that drafty window?

If you live in an apartment building and are sick of watching your neighbors, how about hanging a black and white cityscape of the Eiffel Tower or the Brooklyn Bridge? Now instead of watching George floss his teeth after a winning breakfast of fried eggs and sausage, you can feel inspired by the lights on the Brooklyn Bridge or dreams of California’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are few of our top picks for new blinds and shades:

  • Cellular shades. Honeycomb Double Cell Shades are some of the most effective window treatments for energy efficiency. Both the ComforTrack and Energytrack series qualify for a federal rebate.
  • Roman Shades. These classics offer a rich silk look and feel to a room, immediately dressing up the interior.
  • Cityscape Window Blinds. Black and white ‘art’ shades bring classic landscapes to windows to help filter sunlight and expand the feel of small rooms, or bring a view to apartments that don’t have their own views.
  • EcoGreen Roller Shades – Made from environmentally friendly fabrics and are 100% recyclable. EcoGreen Roller Shades have no PVCs and are LEED Certification-friendly.
  • Bamboo Shades. These woven grass shades are made from sustainable bamboo and bring the feel of a Pacific Island to a room.

There’s no time to procrastinate. Start the year off right and promise yourself that by January 31st, you will have new blinds and shades hanging in your home. You will recycle the blinds you can and you will feel a sense of contentment every time you walk in the door. It’s as simple as heading on-line, finding the best discounts and free shipping and hanging your new blinds. You’ll feel better once you do, we promise.
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