Wooden window blinds are not the most economical item to purchase, but there are some definite advantages to making them a part of your home décor. As a matter of fact, there are multiple reasons one may prefer wood over plastic.

Wooden blinds tend to meld into the ambiance of the rooms in which they are installed. They add a texture that is not available with plastic, as well as depth due to their larger size.

  • Wooden blinds can be stained to your exact preferences, in order to match baseboards, cornice boards and gathered panels. They can be painted as well to accomplish the same purpose. Should you change the room, the blinds can be changed as well, whether painted or stained.
  • Because they have more substance to them, wooden blinds are easier to clean. They do not have to be removed from the window; just a little mild cleaner and a clean cloth and they look fresh and clean again, giving the whole room a cleaner appearance.
  • The versatility of wooden blinds is another appealing feature. If you are looking for something formal for, let’s say, your living room, French Blinds are a great option. If you want something more casual, bamboo blinds work perfectly. The selection of woods, along with the practically unlimited colors you can choose, make wooden blinds a very versatile option.
  • Another feature that wooden blinds offer is complete privacy. There are some plastic blinds that, even though solid, are thin enough to reveal shapes and forms through the windows of the rooms they are in. Wooden blinds, no matter how bright inside, will never become transparent in the least, and your privacy will remain uncompromised.

You can get plastic blinds for less money, and some of them are very aesthetically pleasing, but for a more stylish looking window treatment, that offers versatility and privacy... wooden blinds are the way to go.
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