Have you ever been in a restaurant of office where the sun hits you right in the eyes? You are squinting to see what’s going on, but the strain on your eyes soon gives you a headache. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a solution to the problem? There is. Smart Weave Solar Screen Roller Shades block glare and UV rays. They can be lowered to keep the sun’s rays out, but let light in. They help maintain views, so the room continues to have light unlike drapes or traditional blinds.

The Smart Weave line of solar screen roller shades is a perfect solution for rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight. Solar screen roller shades are designed to prevent glare and block UV rays. They help increase insulation in homes and work spaces. By blocking the sun’s glare, these window treatments prevent the need for high levels of air conditioning. Screen roller shades are ideal for offices, restaurants or anywhere the sun’s glare is a problem. Because of the Smart Weave nature of the shades, they are not intended to provide privacy, but instead are created to preserve views.

The Smart Weave line of solar screen roller shades comes in three varieties of openness factor: 1%, 3% and 5%. The 1% window treatments offer the most privacy from the outdoors and will most effectively decrease the sun’s heat. 5% openness factor means more of the outside views will be maintained, while still cutting glare and UV rays. The Smart Weave Roller Shades help control light and heat. All roller shades come with a visible roll. Square aluminum valance upgrades are available.

Roller shades are popular in office buildings across the country. The new Smart Weave line of roller shades incorporates technological advancements to help make quality blinds at discount prices. These affordable window treatments are often shipped within two business days of the order, so you can have relief from squinting and straining almost immediately.

Smart Weave Solar Screen Roller Shades are perfect for south-facing homes and those that live in warmer climates, such as Florida, Arizona, California and Texas. They are also the perfect compliment to any office building and allow for light control without being enclosed in the dark. With on-line options for ordering, the Smart Weave line of roller shades can be delivered anywhere in the United States. It’s easy and convenient. Easy-to-follow directions come with each order for hassle-free installation.

If you own a restaurant and have seen customers shielding their eyes or asking to move to a different table, these window treatments could be the perfect solution. If you work in an office building and have trouble seeing your computer screen or are constantly fighting the glare, try the Smart Weave Roller Shades. If you live in a home with south facing windows and have trouble watching movies or seeing the TV, then hop on-line and place your order for the Smart Weave Roller Shades.
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